Through the city & over the beach

The accommodations of Zeayou Zeeland are all situated in Walcheren. This part of Zeeland is located at the North Sea and at the Waterschelde. Walcheren is a peninsula that was built at the end of the 19th century and changed into a large establishment during the Second World War, because a large attack was expected. Around 200 bunkers were built because of this, which can still be found.

Walks on the beach in Zeeland Nature reserve Oranjezon

The beaches of Zeeland are the most beautiful and cleanest in all of the Netherlands. Do you love peace and space? Then a walk on the beach of Vrouwenpolder is highly recommended. The beach is the widest beach of Zeeland and walking to Oostkapelle, you can always find a peaceful hiking route here. In Vrouwenpolder you can admire the kite surfers who make use of the wind and waves here.

Nature reserve Oranjezon

Vrouwenpolder borders on the Oranjezon nature reserve. It makes it difficult to choose because it is just as pleasant to walk here. There is a lot of variation in the landscape with woods, thickets, and dune grassland. Or you walk between the beach grass with an occasional view of the sea. Because of this variation, it is a favourable habitat for various types of plants and animals. Chances are great - especially early in the morning - that you will come face to face with a fallow deer or roe deer. Our tip is to combine a walk on the beach with this beautiful piece of nature. There are five marked routes in Oranjezon. The entrance is at Koningin Emmaweg 22 in Vrouwenpolder and you pay € 1.00 per person at the machine. You can visit the nature reserve between sunrise and sunset. Please note, your dog is not allowed.

The swimming beach of Zeeland

In Domburg you can walk over the wide sand beach up to Westkapelle. The rows of pile heads are typical here. The wooden pile heads are part of the coastal defence and stop the strong current of the water without washing the bottom away. These are real eye catchers on the beaches of Zeeland. In the summer months (usually from April to September) there are rows of beach houses against the dunes. Mostly white, but in Domburg, on the beach, there are also soft yellow, green, blue and red. These beach houses guarantee social media worthy photos. On the beach of Domburg you can also find many beach bars, one even trendier than the other. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying. Of a drink, but also of the area.

Taking the dog to the beach.

Are you taking your dog on holiday with you? Then a visit to the beach can certainly not be missed. Most dogs love the beach. A lovely walk on the beach, rolling on the sand and obviously a quick dip in the sea. In general, your dog is welcome, without a leash from mid-September to mid-May. After mid-May this is only allowed between 7.00 p.m. And 10.00 a.m. On some beaches dogs are not allowed on the beach during these months at all. There are information boards at all beach entrances which state whether the dog is welcome on the beach.

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Nature reserve De Manteling

At the edge of Domburg is the nature reserve De Manteling of Walcheren. Nowhere else in Europe will you find deciduous trees grow so close to the coast than in this area.

De Manteling van Walcheren is a classic estate area, with forests, sections of dune, straight avenues, and winding paths. From the 17th to the 19th century the Middelburg elite lived here in the summer; in the 20th century many houses became permanently inhabited or institutions were established. In this area you can hear a nightingale singing and a seagull screeching, at the same time. State Forestry manages a number of stately estates such as Westhove, Berkenbosch and Duinbeek in de Manteling. Terra Maris, the Zeeuws Museum for nature and landscape is established in the 18th century former orangery of Castle Westhove. (Source: State Forestry).

Wandering through the picturesque Veere

A city with a rich history on the Veerse Meer. And the history lives in Veere. Where once the richly laden ships from Scotland lay, the yachts now lie in the harbours. In de 16th century Veere was a Scottish storage location, Veere flourished and a Scottish colony was established there. Museum De Schotse Huizen at the Quay is a reminder of the Scottish heyday in the city.

Hiking in Middelburg

The capital of Zeeland offers lots to see and hear. The city has a tremendous history and there are various options to explore the city on foot. It is easy to buy a tour booklet at the Tourist Information, located in De Drukkery on the Market. There are several available, for € 2.50 each, all with their own theme. Should you be interested in modern architecture, or rather walk along the green Globes or see the most important monuments; everything is possible! The hikes take about an hour to an hour and a half.

Guided tour in Middelburg, including a visit to the town hall

From Tourist Information Middelburg a city guide will take you in a small group, on a voyage of discovery through the city centre. Along the way, the squares, alleys, high abbey towers and old merchant houses take you away to other times. This 1.5-hour hike includes a short visit to the town hall.
The tour takes place from Monday to Saturday and must be booked in advance at Tourist Information Middelburg.

A city hike, but different

That is what Stegentochten Middelburg (City Hikes Middelburg) is! You have obviously noticed that the city is a special one, with a rich history. The city may brag with a significant role in the world trade. In the 13th and the 17th century, Middelburg played a major role in the wine trade in Europe, we traded in all kinds of spices and made spectacular inventions. But many proverbs also originate in Middelburg.
The city is also full of special stories and anecdotes and not only because of the turbulent war years. You will discover it yourself during one of the City hikes. You will be taken through the numerous alleys of the city, explore hidden spaces and discover that this historic city is a cradle of history, exciting stories, fun facts, and many special features. All of this guided by the Alley man: Hans Notebaart.

There are different types of City hikes; traditional, Alleys & Beers, Alleys & Wines, etc. More information & reservations via:

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