Jeu de boules

Relax with a game of jeu de boules. A game loved by many, particularly in France...

There are two real jeu de boules courts in the backyard of Beach Hotel Zoutelande. Go and enjoy a relaxing game together with other guests.

A game of Pétanque

We often associate Jeu de boules with France, holidays and relaxation. Go and play a game of jeu de boules on our courts. During the summer months, it will almost feel like you are enjoying the French summer sun, right here on the coast of Zeeland. A feeling that is further enhanced by a nice glass of red wine...

Would you like to play?

Pétanque balls are available at the reception desk.


The game is played with metal balls. The intention is to throw these balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball. The traditional way to throw is to hold the boule with the palm of the hand downwards, and then to throw with an under-arm swing of the arm ending in an upward flick of the wrist. Throwing this way puts backspin on the boule and gives a player the maximum amount of control and flexibility when throwing. You play Pétanque individually or in teams of two or three players. After a decision is reached about who will start, he or she may throw the small wooden ball and then proceed to try and throw the boules as close to the small ball as possible. Then the opponent throws. After that, there is no more taking turns, but whoever is closest to the wooden ball waits until the opponent has a better position or runs out of boules.

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